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Overview of tools available in the Client Portal

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The client portal is a tool built to increase your touch points with your clients without requiring extra effort from the advisor.

To invite your clients individually to use the client portal see Invite Clients.

The Client Portal allows your clients to:

The advisor enables these features in Firm Settings, giving you total control over the features to which your clients have access. You also can decide which clients to invite to the portal. 

Accepting the invitation

Once an advisor has sent the Invite, the client must set up their log in. This is a simple two-step process that asks the client to:

  • Create a password for their account

  • Verify their identity

Your client will receive a branded email from

Clicking the Login to my account link will prompt the client to log into Atlas using their temporary password, followed by a prompt to update their password.

Next the client will need to verify their identity. This involves entering the full account number of one of their accounts.

Once this information has been verified, they will be taken to the Client Portal dashboard.

Web reports

The client portal web reports are similar to the advisor's web reports. Scroll down on the Clients Portal to view your reports. Your advisor will set up which reports you are able to access.

If you'd like to adjust the dates of your report, select the time period on the top right of the portal.

Clients only have the option to choose their own accounts or household, and the advisor determines which sub-reports are generated in Report Settings.

Printable Reports

Scroll down to the Reports section of the portal. You'll see a table containing information on the printable reports the advisor has generated and enabled for client portal view.

These tables can be sorted, filtered, and exported to csv. See Navigation & Table Features for details. Click the download button to download that report.

Note: If you'd like to enable a printable report for client portal view, head to Report Settings and select the box next to "Enable Web Reports".

Held-away Accounts

The process is the same as when the advisor links a held-away account, except the client does not choose a household; their household is automatically selected. For more details see Held-away Accounts. This section is found at the bottom of the Client Portal.


Invoices will automatically appear in the client portal when enabled in Settings and selected to be generated when the advisor runs billing. Clients can filter by date to view specific invoices at the top right of the page.

To download the invoice, click the download arrow on the far right column.

File sharing

Clients can use the client portal to view files their advisor has uploaded for them and to securely send files to their advisor. To learn more about sharing files as an advisor see File Sharing.

File sharing capabilities are found at the bottom of the portal.

Clicking the name of the file will download that file.

Clients will see files shared specifically with their household under Your Files. Files shared firm wide are found under General Files.

Clients can upload files to their advisor by clicking Upload Files to Advisor in the upper right corner. Drag and drop the file here or click to select from their files.

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