Getting Started on Atlas

Helpful guide for new users

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Dashboard Insights

Understanding insights on the Atlas Dashboard

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Billing & Invoicing

Understanding how to set up, run, and review your firm's billing and invoicing.

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Comprehensive guide to reporting. This includes generating, understanding and sharing reports with your clients.

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Client Data, Account Management, Households

General guide to organizing and accessing client accounts and households.

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Client Portal and File Sharing

Come here to learn about our Client Portal and how it can enhance communication between you and your clients.

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User & Role Management

Everything you need to know to productively manage your users.

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General Settings & Security

Come here to learn how to configure your Atlas portal to match your preferences and needs.

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Atlas Product Updates

Archive of Product Updates

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Overview and setup for current Atlas integrations

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Archive of product webinars

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Atlas User Experience Updates

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Turning on Data Feeds

How to initiate your data feed from your custodian to Bridge

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Investment Models

Tab showing Investment Models and Strategies

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BridgeFT Support Portal

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