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Sample email correspondence for inviting clients to the portal

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Alerting Clients About Atlas Invite

We recommend that advisors send an email to clients prior to Bridge sending the bulk invitations to alert end clients that they will be receiving an email from Bridge. This way advisors can communicate to make sure their clients take action on the email and understand that it is safe to open.

Also, important to note that this may or may not apply as advisors can customize what end clients see in the their portal.

Below is sample email that can be sent to your clients in advance of the bulk client portal invitations being sent. Please see below:

Over the next week or so, you will receive an email from "". Bridge (Atlas) is our new client portal provider. The email will provide a direct link to your new portal, as well as a temporary password, which will need to be reset upon logging in. Also, please have your account numbers nearby as you will be prompted to input one of your account numbers to verify your identity.

I'm excited to roll out our new client portal. I think you will find it very easy to navigate and to view things like invoices and consolidated performance reports, which will be loaded onto your portal each month/quarter.

In addition, included will be a secured file sharing tab allowing us both to upload/download documents such as financial plans, current/previous year tax returns, estate planning documents, mortgage documents, 401k statements, etc. Your new portal can serve as a great resource for you to have all your financial documents in one secure location.

I hope you enjoy your new portal, and please feel free to reach out with any questions.

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