Role Management

How to create and manage role access

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Role Management

In order to apply the same permissions to multiple Users, you can create and manage Roles. This is useful for firms who want employees to have access to some features but not all.

Navigate to Role Settings from the left side bar of the Settings page.

To create a role click Create Role in the upper right corner. Here, you'll be pulled to a page with the same permission settings as Inviting a User.

Define the Name, Description, and specific Permissions for this role. A highlighted button means this role will have access to that feature. Use the All Permissions check box to give all permission access.

Click Save.

To edit existing roles, start on the Role Settings page. Click the name of the role or hit the pencil icon in the right column.

Note: Changes here will be applied to any users currently assigned to that role. Be sure to click save after making changes.

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