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BridgeFT Support Portal (Zendesk)
BridgeFT Support Portal (Zendesk)

For any API, Atlas, or Data Feed requests visit our BridgeFT Customer Service Portal through Zendesk at:

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For direct assistance from our Client Support team with any questions, inquiries, or issues the fastest way to receive a response from our team is through our Client Support Portal at:

*Please Note* Our team is actively monitoring this portal to handle requests as efficiently as possible, as a result we are not monitoring requests by phone or email at this time. If this is your first time accessing our BridgeFT Zendesk Client Portal, then you will need to establish a login which will only take a moment. (See Screenshots and steps below)


Are you brand new to BridgeFT ?

  • Select New to Bridge Financial Technology and click on "Sign up"

  • Next enter in your Name and Email Address and click Sign up


Are you already an existing BridgeFT Client/Partner?

  • If you are already an existing BridgeFT client and utilize an email with our services, then you may use that same email and select "Get a Password"

  • Select Get a Password > Enter your Email > Check for an email

    • Please enter in the same Email Address that you use for your BridgeFT service.

  • Next, simply follow the steps within the email sent to you in order to set up credentials and login.


Sign in to your Support Portal:

Please Sign In to create a new request and see real time updates from our team for any existing tickets.

  • *Note* Careful not to select "Switch to agent sign-in" as you will be unable to access the portal if you select this option.

How do I create and track my request?

Once logged in: To Submit a request, follow the prompts provided and steps below.

  1. Select the type of request:

    1. If your request is Data Feed related, please choose Data Feed

  2. Next, fill out the fields associated with your request with as accurate information as possible.

    *Note*: all fields containing * are required to be filled in.

  3. All Done! You may track this request here in our Customer Portal at your leisure.

Utilizing our Support Portal ensures that your ticket get's in front of our team directly and that the request gets handled in a timely manner in the order it was received to ensure everyone has the most efficient response.

  • Please try to be as accurate as possible when filling out the fields so that our team can work on a resolution immediately and does need to ask you for more information.

If you have trouble accessing your Portal please email for assistance in getting access to your BridgeFT Support Portal.

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