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Client Portal Invitations: Sending Invites to Prospects
Client Portal Invitations: Sending Invites to Prospects

This article details the workaround process to send Client Portal Invitations to prospects or clients that do not have accounts on Atlas

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We can create households for your new clients in order to provide access to the client portal, which would allow them to upload any documents you need for onboarding.

I've detailed the steps you will need to take in order to set your new clients up.

Prospect or Planning Only Client - Client Portal Invitation Process:

  1. Create Client Household - You will receive an error message since the client will not have an active account. This is okay. The household will still be created.

  2. Send Client Portal Invitation - Select the Household and input client information: First Name, Last Name, & Email

  3. Notify Bridge Team to manually bypass verification - Provide client name and email address

To create a household, navigate to the Clients tab and select the drop down that displays accounts and select households. Once you see the list of all your client households, you will select actions and then create household.

Since these clients do not yet have an account on Atlas, you will not select an account. Next you will save the household. Please note, you will receive an error message because an account has not been selected. In this case, the error message is okay and can be ignored. The household will be created and reflected in your households table.

Once you have created the household, then you can send a client portal invitation to your new client. This is the same process, select the household and then add the client name and email.

Keep in mind, the verification step will need to be manually completed by our team, due to the fact that your clients cannot provide an account number for verification.

Please provide the client name and email address to our team and we will complete the manual verification step. Feel free to send this information via the Atlas Chat or to


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