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Summary of the Recent Activity on Atlas

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Navigate to the activity menu by selecting the three horizontal lines in the top right corner.

This menu alerts you of recent activity on Atlas, enabling you to review new accounts, reports generated, and key transactions. 

New accounts added to Atlas will appear at the top of the activity feed. You have the ability to quickly assign the applicable fee structure, create or assign the account to a billing group, and assign benchmarks. 

Billing Reports generated on Atlas will appear below New Accounts. You have the ability to review the most recent billing report generated, review and download any invoices generated from that specific billing run, and download the corresponding fee upload file (i.e. CSV file).

Cash activity that occurs within client accounts is also available. This will also detail the account, date of transaction, and transaction amount. 

Setting up your Activity Feed

You can now configure which alerts you get in the activity feed by navigating to Settings Insights

To learn more about the Activity Insights, see this video

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